Perhaps Vince Lombardi described John Symank best in his 1963 book Run To Daylight. “He is only 5-11 and at 180 pounds he is the lightest man on this squad. Compared with the others he looks like a baseball infielder, but he is a football player. The Packers drafted him out of the University of Florida in 1957 and that year he was fourth in the league in interceptions. Last year he had the highest interception-return yardage and best kickoff-return average on this club. …There is no actor in Symank. He is serious and intense, and in a game he would just as soon break your leg as not. He has made it in this league because he gets a great deal more out of himself than his ability and size justify, and I wish I could say that about all the rest of them. Many of them will rise for one game or two, but John gets the maximum out of himself in every game, and if I had thirty-five others like him I would have a far better team than I have.”

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